Moresand Group adds WeSwap API to brands’ websites

Moresand Group adds WeSwap API to brands’ websites

Peer-to-peer currency exchange platform WeSwap has launched an API-integration with pan-European travel agency Moresand Group Ltd.

The API, WeSwap Connect, will enable WeSwap’s currency exchange services to be offered via the group’s websites for its different brands.

It will be rolled out on Crystal Travel and World Airfares, followed by Moresand’s other brand Travel Center UK and then the rest of its 16-strong portfolio.

WeSwap says the move will drive ancillary revenue for the OTAs and add value for their customers.

Once a customer completes a booking, their information is sent direct to WeSwap to automatically sign them up. All a customer needs to do to sign up is create a password after clicking on a link in their booking confirmation.

Cherrubin Navaratnam, sales director at Moresand Ltd, said: “At Moresand Group we believe in the WeSwap travel money product and recognise the value it can add to our customers’ lives. We’re excited to be driving ancillary revenue for our own business, while helping our travellers better manage and get more out of their holiday funds.”

Other online players, including Skylord Travel, Trusted Travel and Kognitiv, are to sign up to WeSwap Connect.

WeSwap works by users swapping currencies with each other online, cutting out the Bureau de Change. It claims to save customers up to 90% against banks and bureaus.

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