Kayak teams up with Direct Ferries to grow its transport mode options

Kayak teams up with Direct Ferries to grow its transport mode options

Travel search engine Kayak has added ferries to its offering of transport modes thanks to a new partnership with ferry ticket booking site Direct Ferries.

Kayak users can now choose from more than 3,000 ferry routes around the world.

Using Direct Ferries’ technology Ferries Connect, Kayak can enable its users to compare and book ferry tickets anywhere in the world, as they can for flights, cars and trains on the platform.

Niall Walsh, chief operating officer at Direct Ferries, said: “Due to changing travel behaviour post-Covid, we have seen an increased interest in ferry travel and are delighted to be working with Kayak one of the world’s leading travel brands, to capitalise on this opportunity.

“As the world’s leading ferry ticket booking site with over five million customers, we look forward, in partnership with Kayak, to helping even more global travellers with their connected travel planning.”

Laure Bornet, EMEA general manager for Kayak, added: “By partnering with Direct Ferries, we saw a great opportunity to diversify our offering for users whilst adding a key mode of transportation that’s vital for so many.

“Through our new ferries offering, along with our recent expansion of ground transportation options across Europe, we hope to empower travellers with a wide range of choices that meet their unique needs and expectations.”

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