Co-op homeworker group renews Net Effect deal for Latecards

Co-op homeworker group renews Net Effect deal for Latecards

The Co-Operative Personal Travel Advisors has renewed its contract with technology firm Net Effect to provide homeworkers with tailored holiday offers.

All homeworkers in COPTA, part of The Thomas Cook Group, will have access to the LateCards technology free of charge while members of sister organisation Freedom Travel Group will now have preferential rates to use the software following the decision to renew a commercial contract with Net Effect.

The deals software, launched in 2012, allows tour operators and consortia to distribute offers to agents and apply different incentives and terms, depending on the commercial agreements in place.

The Co-operativer Personal Travel Advisors will also have access to LateCards’ inbuilt email function to allow them to inform clients of relevant offers and provide direct links to the offers online. As well as allowing offers to be shared via social media, the technology allows for the production of printed newsletters.

Kelly Cookes, head of The Co-Operative Personal Travel Advisors, said the technology had already led to an increase in the number of holiday sales through social media channels such as Facebook.

She said: “We are very impressed with the automated functionality that is built into LateCards allowing our Personal Travel Advisors to immediately share offers with their clients.

“The fact that we have already seen sales via Facebook as a result of members using the software is fantastic and we are pleased to be continuing this partnership.”

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