WorldSIM claims virtual numbers offer roaming savings up to 75%

WorldSIM claims virtual numbers offer roaming savings up to 75%

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Savings of up to 75% on roaming charges are being claimed through the introduction of virtual numbers, by communications provider WorldSIM.

This enables travellers to forward their existing phone number to a virtual number, which will enable them to continue receiving incoming calls while abroad.

Calls are routed through WorldSIM which allows travellers to pay almost as little as they would in their country of residence, rather than expensive roaming charges, according to the company.

As the majority of mobile contracts have free inclusive minutes, forwarding an existing number to a ‘virtual number’ will be free in most cases.

When a call to the regular mobile number is received, the caller will be redirected to the virtual number, which in turn will be routed to WorldSIM.

In this way users can save up to 75% on roaming charges, yet still be reachable on their existing number.

Virtual numbers are currently available from more than 40 countries and WorldSIM plans to add numbers for more countries.

This service also enables travellers to route calls from their virtual number to any phone number of their choice when they are not travelling. This service is available in countries including the UK, US, Australia and France.

A WorldSIM spokesman said: “Business and leisure travellers can now be truly global without the associated costs of roaming; this service is simple to use and anyone is able to use it.

“What’s more, this service enables users to add unlimited numbers to their SIM card so they might want to add a French number or Polish number, for example.”

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