Amadeus tops European travel R&D spending poll

Amadeus tops European travel R&D spending poll

Amadeus has claimed top position for the travel and tourism industry, in rankings detailing European research and development spend in 2014.

Investment by the technology company reached €505 million, an increase of 17.1% over 2013 – representing 16.3% of total revenues.

The European Commission’s 2014 EU industrial R&D development scoreboard covers the largest 1,000 European companies and ranks them according to the total amount invested.

Hervé Couturier, head of R&D at Amadeus IT Group, said: “In total around 5,000 employees work to ensure extremely high performance transaction processing, embrace the use of open systems, and pioneer the production and development of advanced technologies.

“This helps benefit from greater innovation, and respond faster to industry changes and reduce costs.

“But we won’t rest on our laurels yet: we aim to continually leverage ground-breaking trends in technology to create original and cost effective solutions that shape the future of travel.

“For us the future of R&D will always remain about innovating new ways for people to travel, along with providing the technological means by which the tourism industry will serve travellers tomorrow, and beyond.”

Amadeus has 17 R&D centres around the world.

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