Worldpay’s payment service to be integrated with Amadeus Payment Platform

Worldpay’s payment service to be integrated with Amadeus Payment Platform

A global deal to integrate Worldpay’s payment services into the Amadeus Payment Platform has been unveiled.

Amadeus’s customers will be able to offer more payment choice to travellers, as they will be able to accept payments in more countries and in more currencies through Worldpay’s payment solutions.

A single connection to the APP gives access to the range of payment options, streamlining the payment process as it eliminates the need to integrate additional payment providers.

Amadeus and Worldpay are also working together to optimise the payment process, enhance the consumer experience and maximise transaction acceptance.

Amadeus’s head of travel payments, Celia Pereiro, said: “Worldpay will help us to fulfil our customers’ payment needs across the globe through a simple payment experience offered to their travellers.

“With our unique position at the travel and payments crossroads, we are confident that more and more travel providers will acknowledge the value of the APP as they discover a vast, growing range of payment alternatives.”

Kevin Dallas, e-commerce chief product and marketing officer at Worldpay, said: “The travel industry is global by its nature and travel providers should have the payment options to match this global scope.

“Emerging markets represent a huge growth opportunity for Amadeus.

“Our portfolio of over 120 local currencies means Amadeus customers can grow their reach as they are able to accept payment from consumers across regions in their local currency. We are eager to make a strong foothold in the travel industry thanks to Amadeus.”

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