TourRadar sees reviews boost booking by sixty times

TourRadar sees reviews boost booking by sixty times

Multi-day tour specialist website TourRadar has released data suggesting reviews are having an increasing impact on conversion rates.

The study has found that the greater the number of review for a tour, the higher the rate of booking. Tours with more than 11 reviews see a 60 times higher likelihood of booking.

A previous study in April this year found the uplift from reviews to be 35 times, compared to tours with no reviews.

The latest figures have shown that:

Tours with at least 1 review have a 12x higher rate of booking;
Tours with 6-10 reviews have a 30x higher rate of booking;
Tours with 11 or more reviews have a 60x higher rate of booking.

Travis Pittman, co-founder and chief executive of TourRadar, said: “This kind of data backs up the common sense instinct we all have about reviews.

“In the hotel and restaurant industries we’ve seen that reviews bring customers and growth to businesses.

“Now we have the data to prove the same is true for multi-day tour bookings, which is logical considering the average spend is £1,200 and travellers look for feedback from a variety of past customers to validate their purchasing decision.”

TourRadar claims to host the largest independent platform for multi-day tour reviews, encouraging travelers to share their experiences, photos and feedback.

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