App developed to help international visitors connect to free Wi-Fi

App developed to help international visitors connect to free Wi-Fi

Image via Shutterstock

A mobile app has been developed by Wi-Fi provider The Cloud for MasterCard, to help international customers stay connected when they visit the UK.

The app allows users to access free Wi-Fi at venues across the country, where they will automatically be connected.

International visitors will be able to check emails, stream media content, browse social media and use any other online services, without incurring data roaming charges or using up their data allowance.

The app is available to MasterCard customers and is linked to the credit card company’s Priceless Cities programme which provides exclusive offers in cities across the globe.

To access the Wi-Fi, users need to download the MasterCard Priceless London Wi-Fi in their home country before they travel, to register their device for the service. The app also includes a Wi-Fi locator to let people find their nearest hotspots.

The Cloud commercial director, Roger Matthews, said: “Connectivity is core to an increasing number of mobile users for both data and voice. This doesn’t change when we cross borders.

“The inclusion of Wi-Fi in MasterCard’s Priceless Cities programme in the UK not only keeps cardholders connected, but also provides valuable location-based offers in key cities.”

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