Kayak survey finds high demand for mobile check-in among Brits

Kayak survey finds high demand for mobile check-in among Brits

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A Kayak.co.uk study into mobile travel trends has found a third of Brits would like to use a mobile device to check in at airports.

The price comparison site’s report also found that among 18 to 24-year-olds nearly two thirds favour using mobiles for check in.

Kayak.co.uk commissioned OnePoll for the Mobile Travel Report surveying 1,000 travellers who make more than two return flights a year.

Respondents said the inconvenience of checking in using paper tickets as well as reliability and environmental issues are pushing them towards digital methods.

The report says 44% worry about forgetting a printed boarding pass and 35% say that they would be more likely to lose a printed copy of a boarding pass than their smart device.

Over a third cited the hassle of printing their own boarding cards while 23% admitted to not owning a printer.

Difficulties associated with printed documents included losing a boarding pass at the airport (14%), forgetting to print it (12%) and print quality (6%).

Kayak found two in five travellers have been fined by airlines for not printing their documents, averaging £51 in fines per person.

In addition 57% of travellers believe that airlines fines over forgotten or lost boarding passes are unfair.

Loella Pehrsson, Kayak regional managing director UK, Ireland and the Nordics said:

“In today’s fast-paced world remembering to print and keep track of boarding passes and reservations can be an inconvenience to travellers, especially when they have a device in their pocket which can do the job for them.

“Consumers rely on their smart devices in every area of their lives and travelling is no different; like many of the airline check in apps, it is this demand which led to the development of the Kayak app.”

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