Startuptravels launches with aim of becoming TripAdvisor for entrepreneurs

Startuptravels launches with aim of becoming TripAdvisor for entrepreneurs

A new venture aiming to become a TripAdvisor for travelling entrepreneurs has been launched with almost 9,000 from 130 countries having pre-registered. has been developed over three months and aims to facilitate entrepreneurs meeting like-minded individuals when visiting overseas cities.

Anders Hasselstrøm, business development manager for Startuptravels said the business case was established having interviewed 250 entrepreneurs about the idea.

He said although the site is free to use once the community is built up it will monetise it by offering business organisations and incubators the chance to feature their services for a fee.

The firm is also considering a white label option under which firms can create a directory of all its employees based around where they are located.

Hasselstrøm said entrepreneurs while travelling want to meet likeminded people and also to discover the city they are visiting as if they are a local entrepreneur.

A range of city guides tailored specifically for the requirement of entrepreneurs will be created by the Startuptravels community.

The firm says users may also want to arrange to use a shared workspace or even to stay with a fellow entrepreneur in the city they are visiting.

“Startuptravels is all about connecting people and building relationships across borders. We have a huge community of entrepreneurs that loves to meet new people.

“We try to facilitate a meet up but what they do after that it’s up to them. It is possible to find local entrepreneurs if you try to, but what’s important is someone local takes you by your hand. It gives you access to another side of the city.”

All registrations for the site are accredited manually and the search functionality also travelling entrepreneurs to link up with fellow business professionals who are also travelling to the same city.

Shortly after launch the site will add a feedback mechanism allowing users to rate other members of the site.

Hasselstrøm added: “The ambition is to become biggest travel community for entrepreneurs in the world. There are hundreds of incubators around the world so the potential for getting those on board is there.”

The launch will be marked by an event in Copenhagen which 150 people will attend. It will also run a Google Hang Out for people around the globe to join.

Already there have been 25 meet ups arranged around the world with the latest happening in Cairo on Wednesday.

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