Travolution Road Tests

Travolution examines the performance of eight travel or related websites in each edition of the magazine.

Click on an edition to see the full results:

February 2006 – Content and rich media

Writers: Paul Baderman ( and Paul Hobden (

April 2006 – Accessibility

Writer: Henny Swan (RNIB)

June 2006 – Usability

Writer: Lisa Halabi (Foviance)

September 2006 – Ten Years of Online Travel

Writer: Rowan Shaeffer (Netizen Digital)

October 2006 – Customer journey

Writer: Jason Hansen (RightNow)

December 2006 – Social media

Writer: Antony Mayfield (Spannerworks)

February 2007 – Hotels

Writer: Robert Turner (Travco)

April 2007 – The Search Engines

Writer: Annelie Ritari and Todd Rosen (Bigmouthmedia)

June 2007 – Wild West Holiday

Writer: Duncan Parry (Steak Media)

September 2007 – Generations

Writer: Janek Mistry (Netbooster)

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