Tui extends customer service app to airline staff

Tui extends customer service app to airline staff

Tui Travel is extending its Pass the Baton mobile app to Thomson Airways crew after a successful introduction for Thomson and First Choice resort staff.

The app allows consumer-facing staff to to pass information about specific customer requirements and experiences between each other instantly.

All Thomson and First Choice resort staff have been provided with iPads so far, and the initiative is currently being rolled out to Thomson Airways staff.

David Burling, Tui Travel UK & Ireland managing director, said the set-up “ensures that customers can avoid repeating any issues they have to several staff members”, as all information is available in advance.

As well as communicating complaints, the initiative can allow staff to prepare for any special requirements customers may have, either in resort or on aircraft.

Burling was speaking during a Tui Travel event to Palma onboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, where further development plans were also unveiled.

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