Agents advised to write blogs to boost their site’s search rankings

Writing regular blogs will boost agency website SEO rankings, delegates heard at The Travel Network Conference in Split.

Adrian Johnson, managing director and founder of Leeds-based social media agency Umpf, said: “From an SEO point of view, writing fresh, relevant content on a blog will help your website boost its rankings.

“Blogs also help you interact with journalists.”

He suggested blogs should have at least 300-400 words, and said there is a “massive upswing” for lists, such as Top Tens, which can work well with images.

Generating ideas for blogs and social media can be tricky, so he suggested agents could ask followers for views on travel articles in the weekend papers, and write about destinations, restaurants and fam trips.

He advised agents to write a content plan, and break it into manageable chunks, such as one theme a day, or three or four a week.

“Schedule your content so tweets and posts appear at certain time,” he told the workshop.

Johnson also advised agents to try advertising on platforms such as Facebook, as the cost can start from as little as £10.

“Advertising on Facebook can be easy and cheap: you can do £10 of advertising and see what works,” he said.

Agents can then move up to more advanced levels, where the advertisements can be more targeted, but he said they can be “very powerful and generate sales”.

“Facebook and Twitter allow you to target very niche sectors, for example, women in a certain area, aged 18-24 interested in adventure travel,” he explained.

He suggested newcomers to social media should start with Facebook and Twitter as they have the biggest audiences.

Johnson also flagged up the fact that Facebook has changed its algorithm so that it shows more video content more often.

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