Hot Hotels research leads to same-week booking move

Mobile-only hotel booking app Hot Hotels is moving from same-day only to same-week only booking.

Available on both the iOS and Android platforms, users will be able to book a last-minute hotel up to seven days in advance.

Chief executive Conor O’Connor said: “Our market research told us that about 60% of mobile hotel bookings are made in the week prior to the arrival date, while only 20% of mobile hotel bookings are same day.

“By extending the mobile hotel booking window, we can attract a different profile of customer based more on necessity, not spontaneity.”

This new same week only mobile booking functionality was released as a closed beta to a resticted group of users in the last week of August. Further enhancements were then made once Apple released iOS 8 on September 17.

Hot Hotels has reinforced the technical and customer service teams in Marbella, Spain, following investment by led by Axon Partners Group.

Average daily bookings are claimed to have increased by 500% in the last 12 months, with the main markets being Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the UK and Ireland.

O´Connor added: “We are still great believers in last minute as a way for hotels to sell the rooms that otherwise would not be sold.

“The best discounts are likely to be for same day as great revenue managers understand and make use of last minute as a channel.”

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