Conferma develops tool to streamline business traveller payment process

Business travellers are being given the option to access Virtual Card Numbers for hotel bookings through a new mobile app.

TripPay, the second mobile application developed by VCN specialist Conferma, is being introduced in conjunction with global banking and travel management partners.

The app enables corporate travellers to access the VCN used by their travel management company to settle their hotel booking at any stage during their trip, from check-in to check-out.

By making the 16-digit VCN and three-digit security code available at the tap of a screen, TripPay is primarily designed to streamline the payment process for travellers.

The app displays digital images of the front and back of a credit card with the VCN that can be displayed to hotel staff at check-in or check-out to enter into their system.

Once the check-out date has elapsed, the VCN for that trip will no longer be visible to the traveller.

Controls applicable to all Conferma VCNs ensure that the card number can only be charged within a designated time period and by a specified merchant category.

Only making the VCN visible when the traveller may need it is an added security benefit.

Automatic notifications to their device makes the traveller aware once a trip has been reserved in their name using a Conferma VCN.

The app also allows travellers to re-send booking confirmation faxes to hotels, get directions from their current location and access the details of their booking, irrespective of the booking platform used by their TMC.

Travellers can also take photos of their hotel invoices and receipts and submit them via their mobile device to SNAP, Conferma’s reporting and reconciliation tool.

The invoice data is then automatically matched to the booking and transaction data to produce an overview of hotel expenditure and enhance process efficiencies for TMCs.

Conferma chief executive Simon Barker said “Given the corporate traveller’s growing tendency to use mobile devices to fulfill their travel requirements, developing a mobile application that allows them to access VCNs for their hotel bookings was a natural supplement to WebPay Mobile, our first mobile application.”

Barker also confirmed that Conferma is planning the next phase of upgrades to the TripPay Android app, which will include Near Field Communication (NFC) capability.

“Now that we have the capability to deliver a VCN to mobile devices, the next logical step in our innovation is to enable contactless payments in TripPay via NFC.

“This would be a major step for Conferma as we look to expand our offering beyond online and card not present payments.”

TripPay is available to corporate travellers on all iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. Upgrades to WebPay Mobile to support Android devices are also planned by the end of the year.

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