Alpharooms’ first foray into video with Wooshii pays off

Global travel retailer will look to exploit more video advertising after a first campaign saw CPA’s outstrip its search activity.

The firm embarked on its first foray into video last year after seeing that Google search results were surfacing unofficial content including obsolete voucher codes and old brand messaging.

It turned to Wooshii, the online video production marketplace that brings together 10,000 video-makers to whom to pitch ideas.

The result was promoted through a True View in-stream campaign on YouTube during last January’s peaks period.

With TrueView in-stream, a user can choose to skip the ad after five seconds or continue watching.

Advertisers only pay after a user has engaged for 30 seconds or if the video is shorter than 30 seconds, advertisers pay on completion of the video.

Jamie Shuker, managing director of, said the firm needed control over the consistency of their brand messaging.

“We wanted our core messaging to be conveyed in as engaging a way as possible to a wide audience, and the obvious solution was video,” he said.

He added that the firm always had video on its horizon as it knew how powerful it is in raising awareness.

“The key was finding a method in which to do our first test which didn’t take too much financial commitment, so if our first attempt didn’t succeed, we at least tried it and could learn from it.

“Our proposition is very clear and we wanted our unique selling points to speak for themselves.”

After receiving pitches chose the animator it wanted to work with and the campaign was turned around to a very tight deadline.

Shuker said the results exceeded expectations. “Our video remarketing CPAs were far lower than expected and lower than our search campaign CPAs.

“The video received over 200,000 views, which is amazing exposure for our brand. Even more impressive was the fact that our video was watched in total for 140,000 minutes.

“We hadn’t anticipated such levels of engagement when we embarked on this campaign. With video performing way beyond our expectations, we are likely to do more in the future to continue to reinforce our brand messaging

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