New Vayant API launched to tackle rising look-to-book ratios

Vayant SmartSearch, a mixed live-transaction and pre-computed shopping API, is being made available to agents and airlines.

The tool has been designed by Vayant Travel Technologies to handle high volumes of search queries from metasearch engines, as well as introduce transaction-intensive applications such as maps, calendars and various web, social and mobile promotions.

The flexible SmartSearch API works by balancing pre-computed shopping data with live transactions, all performed on Vayant’s airfare shopping systems.

Guided by a SmartSearch algorithm, it detects whether to pull results from a pre-computed shopping system or to perform a query on the live systems.

The logic of live versus pre-computed shopping is determined by the customer. Search times vary from milliseconds when pre-computed data is used to a few seconds when live.

Agents and airlines can use the solution to provide metasearch partners with custom high-accuracy shopping API and modify the pricing and shopping logic per partner.

They can also use SmartSearch to power transaction-intensive applications such as map price offers, a full year calendar display of prices, up-to date banner offers and promo links in social media, web and mobile apps – without touching their GDS or host.

Vayant CEO Eric Dumas said: “We have identified look-to-book ratios as a core industry challenge.

“SmartSearch solves it by providing very high shopping accuracy, sub-second speed and optimised business model.

“Only pre-computed shopping allows airlines and travel agencies to forget about look-to-book ratios, improve their relationships with metasearch companies and also inspire online shoppers.”

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