Farelogix ‘breathes life into NDC’ for airlines, distributors and agents

Farelogix ‘breathes life into NDC’ for airlines, distributors and agents

US-based travel distribution and merchandising technology developer Farelogix has claimed a pioneering move in launching a new solution for airlines designed to enable Iata’s NDC.

The airlines’ body’s New Distribution Capability was based on Farelogix’s Open Axis core schema after it was chosen by Iata ahead of it developing NDC.

NDC-Xpress enables airlines to build new direct-connect style links to agents via existing GDSs and other third party aggregators.

The intention behind NDC is that airlines will be able to merchandise their fares and associated products using more flexible XML API connections.

Although when first announced there were fears that NDC would see the traditional GDS model bypassed, now all three of the main distribution systems have embraced it.

And Farelogix, once seen as a potential disruptive new entrant in the aviation sector, now finds itself selling a product to airlines that facilitates sales through GDSs and agents.

Jim Davidson, president and chief executive at Farelogix, said: “The focus of NDC-Xpress is speed to market for the long overdue delivery of airline ancillaries, merchandising, rich content, and value-added services in the agency channel.

“With the final approval of Iata’s Resolution 787 (NDC) by the US Department of Transportation and the competitive push for airlines to offer dynamic and differentiated content across channels – beyond airline.com – the timing could not be better for Farelogix to deliver a solution that brings NDC to life, quickly and to the benefit of all parties.”

Farelogix said NDC-Xpress was built on its flagship FLX Airline Commerce Gateway, and allows airlines to control merchandising, pricing, and API distribution in a Service as a Software (SaaS) model. It added implementation can be delivered in under six months.

Farelogic expects airlines to look to use it to generate new revenue streams from the sale of value-added services in the agency channel.

In addition, it is claiming cost savings through the delivery of content across multiple indirect channel outlets (GDSs and other third party aggregators) via a single, standardised XML API which Farelogix implements and supports.

Davidson added: “We’re seeing a range of NDC engagements, depending on the carrier priority and vision.

“Some are ready for the full NDC-Xpress, which delivers comprehensive shopping, booking, order management, and fulfillment capability in a standardized XML API. Others just want to start with a focus on the shop process, in which a simpler ‘NDC Shop-Xpress’ implementation makes sense.

“The point is to get started quickly and use a technology platform that will evolve with the airline’s NDC and merchandising vision.”

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