Rare premium domain Holiday.com to be auctioned at WTM

Holiday.com – one of the world’s rarest premium domain names – is to be auctioned at World Travel Market this autumn.

Holiday.com has been with its current owners for 16 years and some believe it to be the “Holy Grail” for the travel industry.

Many major travel companies have battling to acquire Holiday.com over the years but have failed.

However, the unnamed owners have now agreed to sell the prized domain name with an auction set to take place at WTM in London on November 5.

Offers valuing Holiday.com at seven figures have previously been received.

The Hotels.com domain name sold for a $11 million and Vacationrentals.com sold for $35 million, according to lifestyle management services company Breathe Luxury which is to auction the Holiday.com domain name at WTM.

Its high expected value comes as Holiday.com is seen as having all the hallmarks to be the top travel brand and dedicated online platform in serving holidaymakers worldwide.

The keyword ‘holiday’ is widely searched on major search engines that more than 90% of online travel businesses are using ‘holiday’ as one of their top five keywords search term to reach customers online.

A Breathe Luxury spokesman said: “This is truly a first in the domain industry’s history that a paramount domain name will be auctioned at such an event where all the major travel companies will be there and Holiday.com has all the potential of being among the top five highest sold domains and it is clearly a world record breaker in the making.”

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