Great Rail Journeys picks d-Flo for post-reservation comms solution

A solution to manage post­-reservation communications for Great Rail Journeys is to be created by software solutions firm d-flo.

The TravelComms technology has been specifically designed for tour operators to improve the customer experience by creating branded communications that are more customised and personalised to the holiday booked.

The software imports raw customer and holiday data from the operator’s reservations system, stores it in case of future need to make amendments, then produces high quality, enriched communications covering all aspects of post-booking contact.

Whether the booking was made direct or via a travel agent, TravelComms generates the initial booking confirmation, supplementary documents such as vouchers for additional services booked, through to detailed commission statements in the case of an agent reservation.

Great Rail Journeys IT director Mark Taylor said: “Strategically, we see TravelComms as being instrumental in enabling us to bring the same sort of rich quality content to our customer communications as they already experience on our web sites and on our tours.

“Great Rail Journeys has always been creative in its use of technology, and we considered further developing our existing systems. However, the d­‐Flo solution just gave us more – and more quickly. Initiatives we planned for launch in 18 months from now, we are now revising for delivery later this year using the TravelComms platform.

“Documentation workflows and associated customer documentation was an area where we recognised we needed to improve and it is an area where we needed a strong entrepreneurial development partner. We believe the d‐flo partnership we have entered into will fill that gap.”

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