Amplifon adds sound to Street View

Amplifon adds sound to Street View

Amplifon has developed a web audio API integration with Google Street View to add sound as a dimension for users exploring destinations digitally.

The Sounds of Street View project was developed to give people a more multi-sensory feel of a place before they visit.

The project adds sounds to three popular street view destinations:

Place du Palais, France
Hapuna Beach, Hawaii
Balboa Park, San Diego

Amplifon has also created a platform which people can use to create their own Sound of Street View, in the hope of creating a gallery of street views with sound.

A spokeswoman said: “We have three examples from different places around the world, but eventually, when we build up a large database, people will be able to visit places like the rainforest, an Indian market or a peaceful deserted beach and really get a 360° feel for the place without leaving their homes. It may help make travel choices easier you never know.”

“We believe sound makes up half an experience, so decided to build a tool that allows people to add sound to some of their favourite places. This technology is the first of its kind and could change the way people interact and use Google Street View in the future.”

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