Half of Brits ditch social media while on holiday, claims study

Half of Brits ditch social media while on holiday, a new survey claims.

Danish meta-search site Momondo says its research investigated the habits of 1,000 British people.

The travel site claims almost 50% of respondents said they did not post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram during their summer break, despite telecoms companies making it cheaper to use mobile devices abroad this year.

Of those who do remain engaged online, 31% post before they travel, 64% during the holiday, and 68% when they return home.

Momondo’s Lasse Skole Hansen said: “Many Brits have heard the horror stories of giant phone bills accrued during trips abroad when a data connection is left on accidentally.

“We have learned to avoid the use of the internet abroad, although it’s true that roaming prices have been continuously reduced in recent times.”

Skole Hansen said many travellers were also afraid of revealing they were on holiday for fear of being burgled.

“Holidays are the time to do things different from everyday life, and the memories of them are so often stored in the camera,” he said.

“These memories are happily shared with friends and family after the holidays – as over half of Brits questioned stated they regularly did.

“These figures show that vacation memories play a large role in friendships and family relationships, whether online or offline.”

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