Personalised postcard start-up Postify puts stamp on UK

Personalised postcard start-up Postify puts stamp on UK

Scandinavian technology start-up Postify is targeting UK travel industry suppliers as part of its growth strategy.

Swedish-based Postify allows travellers and holidaymakers to use their own photos to create and send customised postcards.

The business is targeting airlines, hotels, resorts and bars to make Postify available for customers to access on Facebook pages, websites and mobile apps.

The user creates a personalised postcard online and Postify automatically mails it to the recipient, meaning travellers do not have to worry about buying stamps and finding post boxes.

Postcards are branded with the supplier logo and URL and can include a call to action.

Chris Foster of Postify UK said a postcard can also incentivise recipients by offering discounts on flights or holiday packages.

Foster said: “We have run successful campaigns with companies like Carlsberg and Norwegian Air in Scandinavia and are launching in the UK.

“We are already speaking to a number of hotels and airlines.

“When a traveller sends a photograph of themselves by the pool they seldom mention where they are staying or who they flew with. Brands are being left out of the conversation.

“Postify enables experience-creating businesses to be part of the user’s positive communications.”

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