Adara to map out its data with visualisation tool for partners

Travel specialist targeted marketing platform Adara is to offer clients a travel map to show them what its data tells them about what travellers are booking.

The Mountain View-based big data firm has developed a map with pinpoints relating to its travel clients like hotels, airports or train stations, that can be clicked to provide detailed information.

Tobias Wessels, vice-president Europe at Adara, said it intends to productise the travel map as an added service for its clients.

“We are working to make the travel map available to our travel partners. We will productise this,” he said. “The travel map is one tool that actually visualises the data we have and how the consumer is behaving.”


Wessels said the map can overlay airline data with other data sets it has in the system from partners like hotel accommodation booking data.

This will indicate to a hotelier or airline the proportion of arriving travellers for a given period to a specific airport who haven’t already booked accommodation.

Adara hopes the data will encourage new cooperative marketing campaigns between firms providing complementary products who did not before realise there was a link between their customers.

Wessels described this ability to find opportunities within the data not previously thought of and then act on this intelligence as “the final frontier” of data-led marketing strategies.

“All companies have a lot of information that they capture within their own systems. But this is telling you something about your customer you did not know.

“There is real value in taking someone’s data, overlaying that with outside data and feeding that back to the data owner.”

Other potential uses of the travel map, said Wessels, could be for route planning for airlines or for hoteliers in a particular destination to find out the level of demand.

As well as revealing the overall volume of bookings the data can tell you where those customers are travelling from.

Adara has been active outside of its US homeland for around two years, having secured Ryanair as its first major data partners in Europe as it targeted international expansion.

Wessels said as well as operators the platform has been popular with OTAs and meta-search sites and Adara now claims to have 275 million traveller profiles globally.

These are active bookers who have entered the system in the last 30 days and now in Europe alone Adara claims to have 100 million anonymised traveller profiles.

Wessels said travel firms were opting to work with Adara exclusively because they want assurances of no data leakage and do not want to commoditise their data.

Audience extensions allows partners to target traffic they get to their website with relevant product as they move around the web.

Wessels said this is particularly suited to travel due to the high signalling value of the purchase of one product, like a flight, to others, like a hotel room, taxi transfer, car hire or attraction tickets.

“The performance is there compared to other channels,” said Wessels. “As an airline you have very limited opportunities to sell to your audience.

“Now you have lots of access to these people and can create sub-audiences. If you want to target high spending people and sell them a Mazerati we can do that.”

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