Expedia surges ahead in travel social media benchmark results

Expedia surges ahead in travel social media benchmark results

Expedia has surged ahead in the latest travel social media benchmark results from eDigitalResearch, topping the Google+ league table and gaining almost 2.5 million new followers on Facebook in just six months.

Now with more than 4 million likes on Facebook, Expedia has moved three places up the league table to second place behind KLM – the first travel brand to break the 1 million mark on Twitter.

Expedia runs a global Facebook page with content targeted depending on a follower’s country or region. This allows the online travel giant to engage with audiences on a local level and seamlessly integrate regional marketing messages while maintaining a global brand presence.

Ryanair makes its first appearance in the benchmark, moving 19 places up the Twitter league table thanks to a gain of almost 65,000 followers.

This follows the budget carrier’s revamped marketing campaign – including a new customer service strategy, website and social media presence – at the end of last year.

The airline’s Twitter account encourages people to engage with the brand – for perhaps the first time ever – posting pictures of their Ryanair experience, as well as using the account as a means of contacting customer services.

Airlines dominate league tables across the benchmark, with American Airlines, Delta, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic completing the Twitter top five behind KLM due to their global customer reach.

Derek Eccleston, commercial director at eDigitalResearch, said: “Social media platforms are the perfect way to reach out to a global audience and engage with your customers.

“As Expedia has shown, using targeted, local accounts within a wider, global social media strategy means that you’ll able to speak to customers on their terms and in their language whilst retaining your global brand presence.

“The customer experience really is key these days, and that includes social media platforms.

“People increasingly see social media channels as a means of getting in touch with companies and engaging with their favourites brands.

“Therefore brands, especially travel brands, need to have a clear and robust social media strategy that allows them to listen to their followers and connect with them.”

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