Rescue service introduced for hotel connections

Business travellers who frequently complain about being dropped from the Internet whilst in the midst of an important email or having no connection at all, despite being charged a handsome “connection” fee by the hotel, may be pleased to learn that a possible solution to such technical annoyances has arrived.

Hospitality Internet service provider iBAHN has opened a new operations centre in London for the sole purpose of monitoring hotels’ broadband services and troubleshooting connection problems.

The new facility allows day-to-day maintenance and analysis of hotel Internet connections to detect faulty performance and alert a team of technicians who will address the issue before it is detected by the user.

Neil Williams, director of EMEA Operations at iBAHN, says the new operations centre will allow the company to “monitor, identify and action faults originating from any stage in our service, from installation through to connectivity issues in an individual hotel room.”

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