New adaptive search tech to be showcased by Egencia

The corporate travel arm of Expedia Egencia is poised to unveil new adaptive search technology at next week’s GBTA Convention in Los Angeles.

Adaptive search is an attempt to cut down the number of searches travellers make finding the right option for them.

Egencia says the new tech learns from insights to deliver more personalised flight search options to travellers. It claims some travellers are making up to 48 queries before booking.

The firm added the technology “enables a faster, more streamlined booking experience for travellers, while ensuring compliance with corporate travel policy”.

Adaptive Search will initially be available for air search on Egencia TripNavigator mobile products, followed by the online booking and travel consultant tools.

Sophie Krishnan, vice president of global marketing and product at Egencia, said: “The booking process for business travel can be a real pain point as business travellers strive to combine demanding agendas, personal preferences and corporate requirements.

“Based on insights from our business travellers and extensive research with Expedia, our adaptive search technology should make the booking experience faster and more productive.”

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