Carlson Wagonlit Travel to ‘gamify’ mobile app

Business travel compliancy service Travel Gamification is to be integrated into Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s mobile app.

Travel Gamification uses customised, competitive game-style elements to influence desired traveller behaviour and drive savings.

Travel managers can tap into points-based methodology on the platform within the CWT To Go app and turn it to their advantage by creating a reward-based culture for corporate travellers.

Joel Wartgow, senior director, CWT Solutions Group, Americas, said: “Travel Gamification is a tool travel managers can use to positively reinforce behaviour compliant with their travel programme.

“Providing travellers access to the tool via CWT To Go will help them understand the impact of their purchasing decisions, providing travel managers further opportunity to educate and influence their travellers to support the goals of their travel programme.”

Each programme is tailored to specific client needs to meet the objectives of their programme, and is continually re-evaluated.

Wartgow added, “As supplier pricing appears likely to increase through 2014, it’s more important than ever for travel managers to find innovative solutions to drive savings.

“With Travel Gamification now available and optimised for CWT To Go, we are offering even more ways for companies to encourage the traveller buying behaviours that will drive programme performance.”

CWT will be offering demonstrations of the new functionality at this year’s GBTA Convention in Los Angeles on July 26-30.

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