Sabre Red App Centre reaches 500k milestone

Global user adoption for Sabre’s Red App Centre has surged to more than 500,000 app downloads from 70,000 users in 112 countries in the past year.

Sabre Red App Centre expects to approach nearly one million app downloads by the end of the year as technology developers continuously create new apps to improve various aspects of travel.

It has been redesigned to make searching, sorting and filtering apps simpler. Ordering has been streamlined with a new, intuitive step-by-step process.

Two of the most recent contributions to the Sabre Red App Centre include Sabre’s Low Fare Calendar and Red Eva apps.

The Sabre Low Fare Calendar app allows agents using the Sabre Red Workspace to quickly view the lowest round-trip fares for a desired length of stay across a variety of different departure dates over six months.

The Red Eva app allows agents to shop the Sabre marketplace using natural language. It converts the natural language request to a Sabre command and execute it.

For example, a user can type: “Find a flight from Paris to New York, 22 July, returning 28 July, and a hotel near Times Square.”

The app will take text input and convert it into a Sabre Classic View command within the Sabre Red Workspace. The app helps shorten training time for new travel agents, as well as provide experienced agents an easy way to shop for content they do not typically book, according to the company.

Sabre Travel Network EMEA senior vice president Harald Eisenaecher said: “Red App Centre’s growth has been extraordinary with developers and travel buyers worldwide creating and adopting some fantastic apps that are enhancing travel buying and improving the traveller’s experience.

“Agents in both traditional and online travel agencies are now using the Sabre Red App Centre to search, order and implement unique business applications that drive increased efficiency and revenue as well as deliver better service for travellers.”

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