Airport guidance system for passengers trialled by easyJet

Airport guidance system for passengers trialled by easyJet

Technology designed to help passengers navigate their way through airports is being deployed by easyJet.

Strategically placed beacons, which are being trialled at Luton, Gatwick and Paris Charles de Gaulle airports, trigger notifications to passenger mobile devices during critical points of the airport journey.

The notifications are automatically activated as passengers approach bag drop and security, prompting them to open their boarding pass at the right time so it is ready to be scanned and advising when passports need to be presented.

The airline is testing the iBeacon technology during peak summer with a view to introducing it across Europe if it proves popular.

Beacons are small Low Energy Bluetooth transmitters that can trigger the easyJet app to send notifications. The app uses the customer’s Bluetooth signal to estimate their proximity to a beacon – enabling it to deliver the right message at the right time.

The carrier says it has worked with the three test airports to strategically position the beacons in the correct locations, which will ensure messages are sent when they are most relevant to passengers.

Commercial director Peter Duffy said: “By becoming the first airline to trial iBeacons across Europe we can help speed up the airport journey and provide assistance to our passengers making it even easier to fly with easyJet.

“Customers travelling through Luton, Gatwick or Paris Charles de Gaulle with an Apple iPhone and easyJet app can benefit from the technology from this week, enhancing the in-airport experience when interacting with our beacons in the trial this summer.”

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