Qubit offers ten travel website personalisation tips to win battle for business

Web optimisation specialist Qubit has produced a new ebook for travel advising firms how to personalise their websites to win customers in a competitive market.

The study says, with the travel purchase journey being twice as complex than general retail, personalisation is more important than ever for conversion and optimisation.

The ebook states that each travel purchase sees up to 22 different sites competing for that business.

“Recent Qubit research confirms these findings, with travel visitor paths to purchase being almost double that of retail,” it says.

“With such a complex user journey, understanding and segmenting your visitors by their lifecycle stage is crucial for travel websites to stay in the game.

“The website that adopts a targeted and relevant personalization strategy within their user’s journey is the one that will come out on top.”

Qubit sets out 10 ways sites should look to personalise their offering including hyperlocal targeting, targeting based on local weather conditions and surfacing inspiration content that’s often hidden.

The technology developer also sets out how retargeting, reassurance and urgency messages, filters and mobile can help sites become more personal.

The ebook concludes: “There is incredible scope for the travel industry to begin adopting these personalisation strategies – with the potential impact to be huge.

“Expedia have recently calculated it as a £100 billion a year opportunity. This is why they’re investing heavily into their data, aiming to create personalised online experiences for their visitors.”

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