Men find Google more commercial than women

Men are more likely than women to criticise Google for being too commercial, a survey of UK internet users has found.

Over a third of men (35%) said Google is becoming too commercial, whereas less a quarter (23%) of women agreed.

However the survey, produced by Toluna for digital marketing agency BigMouthMedia, found that a high percentage of respondents were unsure as to Google’s intentions.

Andrew Girdwood of BigMouthMedia said: “It is important for a digital marketing agency to be aware of the psychology of the search landscape.

“Searchers will react differently to advertisements on Google as their opinion of the search engine changes.”

The shift could be seen to demonstrate a cooling of enthusiasm for the omnipresent Google by once loyal users.

Executive editor of US based SearchEngineLand, Chris Sherman, said: “All successful companies go through similar evolutionary phases.

“When they’re young and innovative, they can do no wrong, especially if they’re changing things in a positive way and providing benefits that were previously costly or unavailable.

“As the company matures, competitors begin to grumble, and the company inevitably makes mistakes that cause once loving customers pain or inconvenience.”

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