Vertical Systems launches enhanced Voip calls package

A voice over internet protocol (Voip) package that aims to cut phone communications costs for firms with multiple offices has been enhanced by Vertical Systems.

The new pricing scheme and benefits package is expected to be attractive for companies with staff in multiple different locations in UK and abroad by allowing them to pay local call rates.

Billing per second, as opposed to per minute, can reduce calls by as much as 5p per minute, the travel software company claims.

Company founder Peter Healey said: “Today’s office environment is very fragmented with staff working from home or located overseas; cost-effective use of a reliable telephone system is important to deliver a seamless handling of enquiries or sales and services.

“This could apply to homeworkers, travel agents, tourist boards or indeed any business requiring communication with varying locations.

“Most businesses do not recognise exactly how they are charged and each element in the call process they pay for.

“We are totally transparent with our customers and I think our no-obligation offer will open their eyes as to how they can reduce their bills substantially.”

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