‘Amadeus investing heavily to keep up with tech advances’, says Bouzebiba

‘Amadeus investing heavily to keep up with tech advances’, says Bouzebiba

Amadeus is spending “a huge amount of money keeping up with advances in technology in the travel industry”, according to its UK and Ireland managing director.

Speaking at an Association of Women Travel Executives event last night, Diane Bouzebiba said:

“It takes a huge amount of investment to keep up. The trend for personalisation, so you have relevant information coming to you and don’t have to search for it, is unavoidable, so we have to keep pace.”

She said developments by the likes of Google, such as Google Flight and Google Glass, ought to be embraced, and warned that concerns over data collection and privacy would not be an issue for current and future generations.

“I read a review of Google glass recently. The journalist had expected it to be not a very nice experience but he actually found it pretty ok.

“He even didn’t mind people looking at him as he spoke to the glasses, so I fully believe there will be an uptake of this kind of technology – whether it’s in your glasses or your watch.”

Bouzebiba said: “I already find it disconcerting that my phone knows where I am, but my children don’t find that a problem. Privacy may be an issue for our generation but the generation today don’t have a problem with it at all.

“If they find value in technology, whatever it is, they will happily give their data. Privacy goes out the window,” she said.

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