UK OTA claims Google Glass first

OTA claims to have become the first company in the world to offer a pair of Google Glass glasses to its customers.

A number of pairs of glasses have been bought and will be offering to a selection of customers who have reward points with the company.

Customers will be able to take pictures and videos using the glasses while on holiday. They will then be posted on the Holidaysplease website.

The glasses will be returned after the holiday but the customer will be free to use the glasses as much as possible during their holiday.

But they must comply with a ‘responsible use’ policy which incudes respecting the privacy of others and not using the glasses to “record nudity, content of a sexual nature, violence or other content likely to offend”.

Holidaysplease marketing director Charles Duncombe said: “We think that provided the glasses are used responsibly they will prove to be a tremendous addition to your holiday experience.

“You will be able to take photos/videos and even get live information on flight times, currency information, directions and translation services.”

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