UK travel agent Dawson & Sanderson strikes Epteca deal to boost ancillary sales

UK travel agent Dawson & Sanderson strikes Epteca deal to boost ancillary sales

Dawson & Sanderson Travel is to provide more travel ancillaries in a deal with Swiss-based specialist Epteca.

The deal by the independent agency chain wlll allow for real-time contextual selling of travel ancillaries.

Epteca chief executive and co-founder Bojan Jokic claimed: “Britain’s travel businesses are missing out on more than £200 million in potential sales of ancillary products and services.

“Recent studies have shown that 79 % of travellers would prefer to buy relevant travel related third-party ancillary products and services through their travel supplier and after having booked their travel.

“It’s all about identifying and offering the right ancillary product or service at the right place and at the right time through the right media.”

The company’s UK head of sales Carl Denton added: “Customers will start to see travel providers as a way of obtaining more than just a holiday.

“While the travel companies focus on their core business of selling the flights and hotels, our service means we can help them to leverage profits from traditional travel related retail products and services and improve their margins.

“We are the ancillary revenue GDS with a twist. We not only give our partners access to a broad range of products and services but we put this into context to ensure the right products are offered to the right customers at the right time, which in turn, ensures customer value and retention.”

Dawson & Sanderson sales and marketing director Chris Harrison said: “Epteca’s fascinating idea and inspiring business model, convinced us to engage in a partnership, so we no longer have to miss out on sales of retail products which we have struggled to offer before.”

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