Expedia set to introduce branded airfares in 2015

Expedia set to introduce branded airfares in 2015

Branded fares from selected airlines will start to become available from Expedia in 2015.

The online travel giant has teamed up with Amadeus to create a standardised solution that allows participating airlines to seamlessly offer their branded fares to users.

The company plans to go live with selected carriers by the middle of next year with more coming joining by the end of 2015.

Expedia global tour and transport senior vice president Greg Schulze said: “Price remains the single most important attribute for our customers when searching for their flights.

“However, when it comes to actually selecting flights, we are seeing customers pay closer attention to features such as baggage inclusion, seat selection and changeability as critical variables.

“The challenge with branded fares when customers see it at scale across multiple airlines will be ensuring they can make heads or tails of the increasing number of competitive offers.

“Instead of choosing from a few dozen flights that suit your needs from point A to point B with the times and airports you want, you’ll now see a whole set of branded fares on top of that.”

He added: “The role Expedia has played since its inception is turning all of the data across the travel market into a set of understandable choices for customers, turning travel chaos into travel magic.

“The work we’re doing on branded fares in partnership with Amadeus and the airlines will help the industry innovate our way to that magic for our joint customers all around the world.”

Holger Taubmann, distribution senior vice president at Amadeus, said: “This will allow airlines to seamlessly distribute their branded fares through one of the largest full-service online travel agencies in the world.

“Merchandising and retailing are vital elements in order for travel players to better meet to the needs of the traveller and to unlock additional revenues in a rapidly changing market, and this partnership is in line with our vision to make these revenues available for our customers.

“We believe this standardised solution will be hugely beneficial for the industry.”

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