Airbnb reveals print travel magazine ‘Pineapple’

Airbnb reveals print travel magazine ‘Pineapple’

Peer-to-peer accommodation website airbnb has moved into publishing, with the launch of a quarterly travel magazine called Pineapple.

Airbnb will distribute 18,000 complimentary copies of Pineapple to its hosts around the world, and a limited number of copies will be for sale in bookstores, newsstands and boutiques across the US and Europe.

Jonathan Mildenhall, chief marketing officer, said: “Pineapple will combine the emotional and practical sides of travelling by giving a comprehensive guide to neighbourhoods and cities, as well as capturing the sense of belonging that comes from a memorable trip.”

The magazine will cover topics such as culture, art, food, and style from a local’s perspective, the first issue will feature London, Seoul and San Francisco.

Contributors are experienced airbnb travellers or hosts and the website wants members of its community around the world to submit stories of their own.

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