Traveltek sales director buys minority interest from shareholders

Traveltek sales director buys minority interest from shareholders

Traveltek shareholders have agreed to sell an unspecified minority interest to global sales director Peter Whittle.

Kenny Picken, managing director, said: “Peter’s investment in the company underpins his total drive and commitment to Traveltek which he has demonstrated from day one.

“Peter has been both exceptionally hard working and even inspirational at times and adds another dimension to the company but overall has helped guide the company to its current position with a presence in 35 countries worldwide and four international offices in Miami, Sydney, Hyderabad and Zurich.

“I am personally delighted to make this announcement and to welcome Peter to become an ‘owner’ in the business as we continue to drive forward in our quest to become a global leader in Internet travel technology.”

Whittle said: “Since I joined Traveltek nearly eight years ago, we have transformed the company from a UK e-commerce player to a global provider of multilingual, muti-channel travel technology solutions with 400-plus clients in over 35 countries.

“It’s been an exciting journey and one that is still in its early stages, with ambitious plans for new products and new global markets.

“The time was right to take a stake in Traveltek and I look forward to working with the team to take it to the next level.”

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