TripAdvisor launches sites for France and Germany

TripAdvisor will launch operations in France and Germany this week as the company continues its strategy to expand with local language sites.

The user review website currently has around two million visitors a month from Germany and France.

The new sites – and – will feature local language information and forums as well as existing reviews from the main site.

Marc Charron, European managing director, said: “Travel is a global pastime and TripAdvisor represents the views, opinions and interests of travellers around the world, and we recognise that there are also important differences between nationalities.

“Travel planning and sharing information is one of the top uses of the web in both France and Germany and this initiative will provide those travellers with both unparalleled global access and a local focus.”

Last week Travolution revealed long-running negotiations between TripAdvisor and Expedia UK had ended and user reviews from TripAdvisor will be included on its sister company website by the end of 2007.

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