Dorling Kindersley plots next phase of online travel service

Travel guidebook publisher Dorling Kindersley is to add a flight meta search tool and personalised glossy guidebooks to its website.

Global Travel Market will provide flight search functionality as part of a second phase of development to the DK site following its successful launch in January – the Penguin-owned company’s first foray onto the internet.

Visitors to the site will also be able to create their own books, featuring maps, travel tips and guides to local attractions.

Both new features are expected to be introduced to the site in the next six months.

The personalised guidebooks will be standard A5 format and printed on perfect bound, glossy paper.

Visitors can already produce their own PDF versions of the guidebooks on the site, but it is hoped the glossy versions will be available within days of ordering and more user-friendly.

The DK travel site was one of the last to be launched by an existing travel book publisher but has already won praise in some quarters, especially for its trip planner tool.

Online director Georgina Atwell said: “We are a traditional book publisher that is moving into online. But we feel there are some really exciting and different areas at which we can be very good.”

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