creates Answers product has launched a Yahoo Answers-style facility which allows users to ask questions of other visitors about the cruise market.

The Cruise Answers tool was launched to coincide with the one year anniversary of its other Web 2.0 facility, user generated reviews of cruise holidays and ships. managing director Seamus Conlon said the number of reviews written in the past 12 months had moved into the thousands and some of the leading posts had been read by over 4,000 users.

The Answers and Reviews products were developed for by design and marketing group Click With Technology.

Answers will allow any user to ask any question and any user can post an answer.

“Not only is this providing customers with valuable information but it is also useful to the travel agent, as it shows them what information customers couldn’t find in the brochure,” CWT said.

Conlon added: “These user-generated pages have substantially increased visits to our site, and have undoubtedly been key to us winning the Hitwise Top 10 Award for the most visited UK website in the Travel Cruise category.”

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