Thomson moves into high definition video streaming

Thomson has inked a deal with video technology company Vividas to re-run 200 of its 2,000 most popular destination and resort films in high definition [HD] mode.

Visitors to the Thomson site will be able to see the videos in full-screen and without the need for dedicated software plug-ins.

The streaming will begin immediately and continues Thomson’s concerted effort to produce as many destination, hotel and resort videos as possible.

The company claims to have around 250,000 video views every week across its sites and has previously stated conversion rates have improved as a result.

Vividas said the technology would not be plagued by bandwidth issues which often restrict the quality and type of video that can be viewed on a site.

Thomson head of sales and operations, Neil Swanson, said: “Providing our customers with videos of holiday destinations is an important part of our commitment to quality customer service.

“These days most customers expect to see videos on the web before they travel and since we have added this option to our site, we have noticed a sharp increase in sales conversion rates.”

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