to partner with Travel Fusion for flights

Newly launched vertical search engine will have a flight price comparison service installed within weeks.

The site has been unveiled this week amid great fanfare over its resurrection of the domain name – last used by the infamous online fashion retailer which failed spectacularly in 2000. chief executive Ray Nolan told Travolution the London-based meta search group Travel Fusion will provide the front end interface for the site on individual city pages.

Language sites in French, German, Spanish and Italian will also be launched during May, Nolan confirmed.

The site has been built by Web Reservations International, owners of, and

Nolan said: “Users can now shortlist properties in seconds and can click to their chosen hotels’ website to book.

“We’ve always believed that the best person to handle the booking is the hotel itself. It provides the lowest cost distribution model for the hotelier, which we believe will be reflected in keen prices offered to our customers.”

“With boo, hotels maintain control of pricing, manage inventory easily and avoid revenue delays. At the hotels discretion, customers can book with boo at 10% flat commission.

Nolan continued: “With low effective PPC rates, and look to book on hotels’ own sites being substantially better than OTA’s, we expect typical distribution costs to be sub $10/£5/€7.50 per booking.”

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