Travelport sells Wizcom to Pegasus

Travelport has sold its Wizcom technology brand to the Pegasus GDS switch business for an undisclosed fee.

The deal will see Wizcom – a provider of GDS and GDS-related products and travel back-end facilities – transfer to the Dallas, Texas-based technology firm.

The Wizcom business has been under scrutiny by Travelport bosses since last summer following the acquisition of the business by the Blackstone group.

Ken Esterow, president and chief executive of GTA by Travelport, said the evaluation indicated “the most suitable solution for Wizcom customers was for this business to become part of a company whose primary business is the provision of switch services”.

Pegasus chief executive and chairman, John Davis, added: “Pegasus provided a breakthrough in the hospitality industry when we first developed the Pegasus switch more than 17 years ago.

“The acquisition of Wizcom enables Pegasus to continue to provide switch services on an even broader scale for the hospitality industry, and that is something we have advocated since our beginning.”

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