Global Travel Market claims green industry first

Growing meta search company Global Travel Market claims to have become the first site in its sector to provide eco-friendly travel and transparent carbon offset schemes.

The company said it will be introducing a series of improvements to the site including options for users to “take action to balance their emissions”, provided by the Carbon Consultancy-backed Carbon Responsible initiative.

Flights searches will automatically be displayed alongside calculation of a user’s carbon footprint.

An offset option for each flight journey will also be included.

The company has also developed its own corporate plan to reduce emissions and will offset any it cannot save, chief executive Dave Simmons said.

Information about emissions and carbon offsetting will be displayed throughout the site.

Simmons said: “We now have a growing number of travellers that are choosing to plan and organise their travel using Global Travel Market search engines and therefore are in a unique position to be able to educate travellers as to how they can make a positive contribution towards offsetting the impact of their travels.

“We cannot ignore the issue of climate change, however we do not accept that this a predominantly aviation driven problem.

“As such, it is important to help educate travellers on how they make a difference.”

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