STA Travel unveils Second Life presence

STA Travel is to test the possibilities of the virtual world with consumers with the opening a travel centre in Second Life.

The company has developed the centre after signing a partnership with the Electric Sheep Company and ElectricArtists.

The centre will include virtual dorms that members will be able to customise and use for meeting other Second Life residents.

STA and a selected number of travel partners will also host weekly events and tours of other areas in Second Life.

UK managing director John Constable said: “Our intention is not to try to exactly replicate what we do in the real world in the virtual world.

“Virtual world users don’t need a travel company to move them around in Second Life, but what they do need is someone to provide a “soft landing” as they enter Second Life for the first time.

The STA presence is to also include a fashion store for Second Life clothes and a zone for members to practice constructing their virtual buildings.

“We want to give our customers access to a unique new social space, where they can become part of this fast growing social community and as they are exploring our Island, they may become inspired to travel in the real world.”

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