JetNav launches Google Maps multi-tool

Flight information provider JetNav has integrated a Google Maps layer to illustrate availability of flights and hotel accommodation.

Users on the air schedule website will be able to identify flights and routes on a map, as well as learn of alternative options if a particular flight is not available.

The Google Maps layer has been developed by Netizen Digital and also shows routes from other airports that fly to the same destination., which partners with JetNav for accommodation, has provided a feed to the Google Maps layer to show hotel information including images, description and user ratings.

Jetnav managing director Chris Mallard said: “The Google maps integration layer has simplified the way our visitors find flights and routes.

“The hotel details now provide visitors with a quick and convenient way to find and evaluate accommodation, and this represents a significant opportunity for Jetnav.”

Netizen Digital won a Travolution Award this week for work it carried out with The Adventure Company and its Google Earth functionality.

Netizen Digital managing director Lewis Lenssen said: “Our work with Jetnav is a great example of how we can implement innovative technology to make it easier for website visitors to find the information that they need and to help travel companies develop their businesses.”

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