EasyJet to probe screen-scrapers

EasyJet to probe screen-scrapers

EasyJet is set to reopen the debate over internet screen scraping after confirming it is “examining the legalities” of the practice by other sites.

The lost-cost carrier said this week that the probe was underway although it refused to speculate as to what course of action it would consider following the investigation.

A spokeswoman said the airline did not want to see consumers having to pay more for EasyJet flights by making a purchase elsewhere rather than on EasyJet.com.

The current investigation is necessary ahead of taking a overall view of the controversial practice, the company said.

Screen-scraping is one of the favoured methods of obtaining fares from travel supplier websites.

The process is deemed to be less complicated than negotiating XML feeds, which provide live updates of fares and prices.

“This has always been an issue we have been concerned about,” the spokeswoman added. EasyJet refused to disclose how long the investigation has been underway or if a timescale had been set.

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