Comtec enters Second Life with new comparison site

Comtec has become one of the first travel technology firms in the UK to create a distribution channel in the Second Life virtual world.

The Wales-based company has decided to test the Second Life phenomenon to coincide with the launch of its travel comparison site,, which will be unveiled on the 26 April.

The domain has been owned by Comtec for ten years.

The new comparison site will act as a portal for travel suppliers to advertise products to consumers. Additionally, It is estimated around 5.7 million users of Second Life will be able to access the direct links to suppliers in the Second Life from the new site.

Comtec e-commerce director Ed Whiting said: “Travel companies need to go where the people are and we see real potential for the promotion and distribution of travel in what is an exploding global community of technically-literate consumers.

“Recent stats showed that over 1 million Second Life residents logged-in during a 30-day period up to mid-April.

“However, I still believe we are at a relatively early stage in general public awareness. The potential for further growth is therefore enormous.”

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